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ALAF TERAS has developed e-Kamus software that has been designed especially to find the meaning of words more effectively since early 2000. In the beginning, e-Kamus used the contents of the Nusantara version (Indonesian Edition) as its base. However, in 2001, e-Kamus has been upgraded to version 4.02 which is more suitable to the needs of users in Malaysia.

In tandem with the latest technological advances, e-Kamus has been further upgraded in 2002, to be known as e-Kamus 5.01. This version has been very well accepted by the public. Therefore, in 2003, ALAF TERAS produced a special edition, version 5.01 Professional Edition as a sign of undivided dedication to the development of this software.

Now, e-Kamus has been sold for more than 30,000 copies and ALAF TERAS are ever committed to improve the contents of e-Kamus so that it is among the best software in its class on the market. The development of e-Kamus is a never-ending venture as long as there is a demand for it. A lot more functions are expected to be available in future versions to solve a lot of requirements especially with regards to language.

nusantara 501pro

e-Kamus has been under thorough tests by users where the software has been carefully tested to ensure that it complies fully to the standards of WINDOWS 2000 and is certified to work with WINDOWS 2000. e-Kamus also uses the latest WINDOWS standards to ensure a consistent use, more reliable and contains applications that are easy to use under the latest Microsoft operating system.

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