1) How much is the contents of e-Kamus and what are its sources?
The original e-Kamus has more than 40,000 words, consisting of English-Malay and Malay-English dictionary that has been developed by ALAF TERAS. However, with new words contributed by e-Kamus users, now e-Kamus has more than 100,000 words to meet the increasing demands of the users.

2) Will the users be charged to use the Download program at this website?
No, all download programs at this website are FREE.

3) What is the difference between e-Kamus and other dictionaries softwares?
The real difference is in the technological aspect. e-Kamus offers to search the meaning of words using the SCANNER system (Double Click) where you can find the meaning of a word in a SECOND. Other than that, the price is very reasonable and the quality guaranteed. The usage of the software will always receive the technical support and users will receive information about the latest versions of e-Kamus.

4) Can the software translate one sentence or paragraph?
Currently e-Kamus may only search for the meaning of one word, similar to the normal dictionary. However, in the future, ALAF TERAS will introduce a program through the website where e-Kamus will be able to find the meaning of more that one sentence at one go. Nevertheless, it is not a translation as it does not follow the grammatical rules.

5) After installing the e-Kamus software, there is a PLEASE REGISTER window reminding the user for 100 times before the usage is blocked by the software security system. Then the user needs to get a keycode to continue using the e-Kamus software. What does it mean by 100 times usage?
100 times usage means that each time the e-Kamus program is opened and closed, it is considered as one time. For example, if you open the e-Kamus in the morning and close it in the evening, then it is considered as one time usage. The 100 times calculation is used to giver users some time to get the keycode. Currently users may register to get the keycode through the post, sms and e-mail..

6) How much is the hard disk space required for the installation of e-Kamus software?
The required hard disk space is 60MB and 30MB is used as Virtual Memory when e-Kamus runs. Therefore, you need at least 100MB to install this software.

7) Why is the e-Kamus code number or the keycode license keeps changing?
The software code number will change if you install e-Kamus on a different computer or your computer hard disk has been re-formatted/broken. If your software code changes, then indirectly your keycode license will change as well. Therefore you are advised to download e-Kamus Backup license program from our website to ensure that this problem will not occur in the future.

8) Is the e-Kamus installation requires the users to have an internet connection to get the key code?
Not at all. This is because without an internet connection, users may still use this software. Internet connection is an advantage where e-Kamus registration is easier. Other than that, internet users will be able to visit our website to get the latest information especially with regards to the latest contents and products..

9) May users other than the original owners of e-Kamus register for the software?
In principle, ALAF TERAS has put in place a security system in the software to prevent it from illegal copying to protect its quality. The first user of e-Kamus who register his e-Kamus is considered as the rightful owner based on his registration number as this registration number is recorded for the identification of the e-Kamus owner.If another user tried to register using the same registration number, we will not allow the user to get the keycode. Only the user who is recorded with the registration number is allowed to register his e-Kamus software

10) Why can’t the e-Kamus version 4.01 and 4.02 be upgraded to version 5.01 Professional Edition via the download method to get the latest contents and engine?
e-Kamus version 4.01 (Nusantara) and 4.02 were the earliest softwares created by us in 2000-2001. Due to technological advances year after year, e-Kamus has been upgraded six times since 2001 until now. Due to the technological differences between the latest e-Kamus and the earliest of e-Kamus, we are unable to offer free download to upgrade to version 5.01 Professional Edition at our website..

11) How long will I get the key code if the registration is done through the SMS or the website?

Registration through sms is the fastest way to get the kod kunci (just in a minutes). But sometimes the network having a technical problem which also effect the sms registration. If this happen, try to send it again after a few hours or call us for confirmation.

For registration via e-mail, users will get their key code within 24 hours on working day, Monday through Friday (10.00 am until 6.00 pm). However, if users do not get any reply within the period, it could mean either wrong e-mail address (rejected e-mails) or technical problem (server down).

12) I registered previously via post. As a result, I received the key code and ‘license recovery’ form to get the key code back. May I register again through the website?
Re-registration without the license recovery’ form due to key code lost or broken computer or hard-disk re-formatted may be done via the website. However, users must download the backup license to ensure that the same problem will not occur again. Therefore, users will not require the ‘license recovery’ form in the future.

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